Ascot Special Events has many ways to serve you

Rental Items          

We provide complete equipment for your event including:  

tables, chairs, canopies, tents, dishes, toilets, fencing, lighting,staging, flooring, audio visual

 and hundreds of other items.

Event Planning       

We sit down with you and plan for your event from the beginning to the end

Complete analysis of your needs

Stage & canopy design

CAD Design       

We plan the layout & design of your event so that you can visually see on computer how your event will look

Make sure your event will fit at your location

Determine exact seating availability


When we deliver we can provide

installation, setup & teardown
of your rental equiment

Delivery & Pickup          

Items are available for delivery & pick up

anywhere in Northern California

Permit Acquisition       We will represent you and handle

permit acquisition from any approriate governmental agency.

Your event will be safe and conform with all applicable regulations